[3/23/2016] I’m retiring! Introducing your 2016-17 Presidents/Vice-Presidents (w.e.f. April 5, 2016)

Dearest friends,

Leading the Columbia Pre-Law Society over the last two years—as Co-President (2014-15) and then President (2015-16)—has truly been one of the best experiences of my life.

This club has been my “baby,” and it has been incredibly rewarding to see it grow over the last two years: e.g. our Facebook engagement has increased 5-fold and we’ve tripled the number of events that we run on campus annually!

Our achievements have only been possible because of our amazing people, and I have nothing but praise for my teammates at the Columbia Pre-Law Society—I couldn’t have asked for more competent or committed colleagues and friends.

Therefore, it is with great pleasure that I’d like to introduce your new student leaders for 2016-17:

  • Co-Presidents: Divya Sundaram BC’17 and Ashley Youn-Jae Lee GS’17
  • Co-Vice Presidents: Renata Castilho CC’17 and Youzhihang Deng CC’17

I’ve worked closely with Ashley and Divya for the last 2 years, and Renata and Youzhihang over the last year, and have full confidence in their leadership and commitment to the Columbia Pre-Law Society. I am sure that they will take this club to even higher heights. Do check out the amazing campaign website that Divya and Ashley made for our internal elections: http://ashleydivya16.tumblr.com/

This isn’t goodbye just yet—the new board will officially take office on April 5th, 2016, so you may still receive event reminder emails from me until then.

But I will miss you—one of the best parts of this job has been meeting you, our General Body members, whether by email, phone or in-person at our events. So please feel free to continue to email me with questions and/or connect with me on LinkedIn (www.linkedin.com/in/genevieveantono). I’m also returning to the board next year as a Senior Mentor, so you’ll probably still catch me at events. 🙂

What a joy it has been. Last two weeks!



[3/2/2016] Athena-Columbia Pre-Law Mentoring Program

This is the second year that our club has cooperated with the Athena Pre-Law Society (our counterpart at Barnard College) to run a mentorship program with Columbia Law School students. This year, we had whooping 114 people in the program: 57 law student mentors and 57 undergraduate mentees!

It was particularly challenging to get this project off the ground this year, as our two clubs came to the table with vastly different visions of what the program budget and admissions criteria for mentees should be. Ultimately, though, this turned out to be a great exercise in negotiating patiently, learning which “No’s” really mean (or don’t really mean) “No,” and finding common ground. We ended up putting together an amazing joint program and I’m actually really excited to see the two clubs cooperate again next year.

The notes and photographs below are from the “Kick-Off” event that I led, together with Ashley Lee and Ayo Osobamiro from my team. Given that we had over 100 people in the program but still wanted the night to be highly interactive, we decided that it would be best to seat everyone in 10 groups of approximately 10 people each, with a CLS mentor in each circle volunteering to moderate it. These were the suggested discussion questions that we gave to our volunteer moderators:

ScheduleModerator Qn

Moderator Qn 2

Photos (taken by Divya):