[2/21/2016] Lawlapalooza!

Towards the end of last semester, I asked my board to fill out a “feedback form” about how I was doing as President. Although my reviews were generally positive, I noted that a couple of my teammates expressed they were getting a bit bored by the direction of my programming (“too much corporate law”) and that they wanted more opportunities to be creative and plan their own events. In response to this feedback, and with succession planning vaguely on my mind, I decided to take a “hands off” approach in the organizing of our first-ever Spring Conference; I would watch closely, but not take any action unless absolutely necessary.

That Spring Conference was Lawlapalooza. Divya, Renata and Daniel volunteered to be Conference Directors, and everyone else broke up into teams to decide on topics and what speakers they wanted to hear from. As you’ll see from the flyer below, we had panels on: the Judiciary, Public Interest Law, Legal Academia, and Law & Tech.

I was very humbled to see that (1) the Board seemed to function just fine without me, and (2) there wasn’t a single Corporate Law speaker in the final line-up! Haha. (It’s probably a good thing I wasn’t involved in the selection of topics, or our 4 panels would have been on something along the lines of M&A, PE, Capital Markets and International Arbitration instead…)

Which is to say, my Board is amazing. Lawlapalooza ended up being fantastic, and I am happy to report that I take absolutely zero credit for it. 🙂

Check out the Lawlapalooza flyers and event photos below (graphics by Divya and photographs by Ashley):