[10/27/2015] “Should I take time off before law school?”

This panel was born out of a question that our General Body members would repeatedly ask during the Q&A time after our events, namely variations of: Should I work before law school? Should I spend 2 years as a paralegal before law school? Should I take time off before law school?

We had 4 guest speakers at this event: a Legal Recruiting Manager, a practicing attorney and two recent Class of 2015 Columbia graduates who decided to take time off and go “straight through” respectively.

(My fellow Columbia undergrads might recognize Tony Lee, the former Activities Board Council president, from the poster below. They might also recognize Wai Choy—he acted as one of the Mathletes in Mean Girls!!*)

Poster (designed by Divya):


*Not even embarrassed to admit that when I first met Wai at another event and realized he was in Mean Girls, I totally fangirled and made him take a picture with me… Haha.