[9/10/2015] Meet & Greet

Our first “General Body” meeting of the 2015-2016 year! We started planning for this meeting in Spring 2015 and sent out this marketing blurb (multiple times) via our list-serv and facebook page over the summer:

“Come and meet our board (and each other), learn about what we do, and how you can get involved. We’ll also give you the opportunity to ask a panel of current board members any questions you want about our “pre-law” journeys so far — what internships we’ve done so far, how to apply for law-related internships, what classes to take, how to get started on LSAT prep, etc.”

(That pre-planning and careful outreach was definitely how we managed to get such a huge turnout on the third day of school!)

In terms of format, we had a panel and Q&A with our board members, before breaking up into small group games and activities. It was a huge team effort and went really well!

Photos by Divya and Carla: