[2015-2016 Board] Recruitment

Recruitment!! One of my favorite times of the year. We sent out this list-serv email to the General Body in early April 2015:

Dear Pre-Law,

I joined the Columbia Pre-Law Society Executive Board two years ago, during my first semester at Columbia. It’s a (short) story that I very much enjoy recounting — I was having waffles and cake with a Senior I’d just met, Jaclyn Willner CC’14, when she said, “Hey, I’m with the Pre-Law Society and we’re having elections. You should apply.”

And so I applied.

Being a part of the Pre-Law Society over the last two years has been an incredible experience. I’ve learnt a tremendous amount about law schools and the legal profession, and I’ve had the privilege of working with a wonderful team of high-achieving, like-minded friends. It has been really, really fun to run event after successful event with them.

We’ve just completed our round of internal elections, and I am thrilled to say that I’ll be leading the Board again next year, together with Vice-Presidents Megan Kincaid CC’17 and Korey Petgrave SEAS’17, and Treasurer Ashley Lee GS’17. Together with our Graduating Seniors, we’ll now be commencing our external elections for all other posts.

Therefore, if you’re someone who is interested in law and willing to commit to making the Pre-Law Society your priority, as well as someone who works hard, works well with others and takes ownership of your responsibilities — we want you on our team.

“Hey, I’m with the Pre-Law Society and we’re having elections. You should apply.”

Kind regards,

Genevieve Antono
Undergraduate, Columbia University
Co-President, Columbia Pre-Law Society

Columbia Pre-Law Society 2015-2016 Board Elections 
Deadline: Friday, April 10th, 11.59PM
Application: http://goo.gl/forms/yd5eZ1h3fy
(Flyer by Divya)