[4/25/2014] Board Bonding Dinner

Dinosaur Bar-B-Que MmmMmm…
Angela and Jane
Genevieve and Megan
Jaclyn and Sahng-Ah
Ryan, Ben and Antonia
Eileen and Megan
Kate and Jaclyn
Ben 🙂

[2014-2015 Board] New Board

Email from our outgoing 2013-14 President, Ryan Bae:

Dear future lawyers,

Thanks for applying to be on Pre-Law Society 2014-2015 Board. We received very strong applications, and I am proud to announce the new board below. During the past two years I have served as the President of Columbia Pre-Law Society, I had the opportunity to work with some awesome people. I am confident that the new board will bring even greater programming next year, and am happy to pass over the Presidency to Gennie and Sahng-Ah as Co-Presidents.

As usual, remember that you can always make a pre-law advising appointment with CSA.

All the best,

Ryan Bae
2012-2014 Board


2014-2015 Board:

Co-Presidents: Genevieve Antono ’17 and Sahng-Ah Yoo ’15
Vice-President/Social Director: Kate Lee ’15
Treasurer: Alice Cho ’15
Secretary/Academic Affairs Chair: Megan Kincaid ’17
Academic Affairs Partner: Antonia Miller ’16
Academic Affairs Partner: Benjamin Eversole ’15
Public Relations Chair: Lilia Cherchari ’15
Public Relations Partner: Angela Batuure ’17
Events Chair: Korey Petgrave ’17
Events Partner: Daniel Omachonu ’16
Pre-Professional Chair: Christopher Proctor ’15
Pre-Professional Partner: Eileen Wong ’17

Board Advisors:
Alumni Advisor: Jaclyn Willner ’14
Senior Advisor: Ryan Bae ’15
Senior Advisor: Jane Wang ’15


[2014-2015 Board] Recruitment


Apply to join the 2014-2015 Pre-Law Board here.
Applications are due at 11.59pm on Friday, April 11th, 2014.

The Columbia Pre-Law Society is currently accepting applications for the following positions on the 2014-2015 board:

– Secretary
– Graphic Designer/Webmaster
– Public Relations Committee – Chair
– Public Relations Committee – Members
– Pre-Professional Affairs Committee – Chair
– Pre-Professional Affairs Committee – Members
– Academic Affairs Committee – Chair
– Academic Affairs Committee – Members
– Events Committee – Chair
– Events Committee – Members

The application form is available at this link, and all submissions are due by 11.59pm on Friday, April 11th, 2014.